Hello Cyberspace!

Welcome to my little piece of cyber real estate. I am Dwayne Smith from the island of Jamaica. A St. Catherinite by nurture and a naturalized Kingstonian.

I am an Information Technology professional with over seven (7) years of experience. My experiences range from PC mechanics to networking and interrelation of Windows and Linux systems in a cooperative environment. In recent times I have developed new found interests in application development and Web content management systems. For more details into my professional background feel free to view my LinkedIn Profile.

I’m a past student of the Old Harbour High School and the Portmore Community College where I attained an Associates of Science Degree in Computer Servicing and Electronics. Currently I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from the Excelsior Community College, and setting my eyes on further educational pursuits to invest in the growth and expansion of my craft within Information Technology.

Over the coming months I will be expanding on current interests and diving into new ones. Feel free to tag along and enjoy the journey with me.

  1. howdy Dwayne, just poppin by like i told u i would

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