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BBM Released Today…. (Phased)

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was officially released today after having to abort the slated release in September. The release how ever is being done on a phased basis. On installing the BBM app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, you are presented with a prompt to enter your email to check if you are able to use the service. If not then then you are added to a wait list where you will gain access at a later date.

I have been included in the early set of users to be granted access to use the new release. The BlackBerry ID created using the leaked version was preserved, and upon login the contacts that I had added were also restored.

Lets see how quickly the phased roll out will take to grant access to the many persons anxiously awaiting their turn to use the app.

BBM for Android: Play Store Download

BBM for iOS: Apple Store Download


WARNING! Mobile Scam Targets Jamaican Customers

Early this morning I received an unusual SMS message from an overseas number:

We have an important message for you to know it call this number 0022455101651 free

Two things stood out at me that made me suspicious and thinking it was another scam brewing.

  1. It was an overseas number with a message not explicitly directed to me
  2. The poor grammar of the message and its vagueness

Later this evening I received a forwarded email that was initial sent to staff of a large local company, which sought to advise staff members of the new scam and how it is being carried out.

It was further stated that if the number is called you would be routed to an Automated Messaging Service advising you that you are the lucky winner of 1,000 Euros, and that you were selected from thousands of numbers in the database. The information you provide will be confidential and allow you to claim your cheque. The voice on the automated message also states, “This is no trick. It is merely a way to ensure you claim your prize.”

The caller is then prompted for personal information to include name, address and bank account details, to verify authenticity as well as to ensure the proper processing of prize winning cheque valued at 1,000 Euros.

Mobile scamming has been on the rise in recent times and has grown because unsuspecting persons have been falling prey. Please don’t be the next victim. Spread the word so your friends and family don’t become the next victims.