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Tek bad sinting mek laugh

There is an old Jamaican saying: “Tek bad sinting mek  laugh”. In the book “More Jamaica Old-Time Sayings” by Edna Bennet, translates to an advice to keep good humor in the face of adversity. In finding something to smile or laugh about while going through a bad situation it helps to reduce the amount of stress brought on by that situation.

Two (2) weeks ago a flooding incident occurred in a community in Kingston, Jamaica due to the construction work being carried out on a bridge. A CVM Television Camera man was on the scene and interviewed one of the victims of the incident, Rosie, who gave a very animated and dramatic account of what took place and the damages that resulted from the flooding. See immediate video below.


Following the airing of the interview on the news a popular video mixer, DJ Powa, decided to apply the old Jamaican saying and created two (2) video mixes. What resulted was a very entertaining spin on a really serious situation which has helped to further bring attention to what took place in the community as well as brought attention to Rosie who has since been approached by the comedians Ity and Fancy Cat who have a weekly show on Television Jamaica, to do an add for their show. Check out the videos below and enjoy. The next time you are in a bad situation try look beyond the negative aspect of it and “Tek bad sinting mek laugh”.

Call di Contracta – DJ Powa

Wi Waan Know How (Contracta Part 2) – DJ Powa

Rosie’s Ity and Fancy Cat show Ad


Captured in Mandeville

“Smart” Empowerment


With Smart Devices becoming ever more prevalent and more powerful, this has given their users a myriad of opportunities. Tasks that were once impossible or expensive to accomplish from a mobile device have become as easy as a hot knife through butter.

One such task is making calls to friends and family in the USA and Canada. Here in Jamaica we have two (2) mobile providers. Digicel Jamaica offers international calling with regular rates to the US and Canada of $18.25 per minute. Lime Jamaica on the other hand has sought to make the market a bit more competitive by offering international call rates to the US and Canada and a low rate of $2.99 per minute. That’s awesome isn’t it? What would your reaction be if I told you that you could get international calling to the US and Canada at an extremely lower price than those listed above? Well I wonder what facial expression would surface when I tell you that you can do it for free.

With your data or WiFi enabled smart device you can make free international calls to the USA and Canada from anywhere in world. How you may ask? Its simple. All you need to do is install an application.

Most of you have heard about magicJack a device that allows you to call the US and Canada at a low yearly flat rate. However this device has to be in a fixed area while in use. The makers of the magicJack have made available the magicJack app for Android and iOS smart devices. Sorry BlackBerry users your devices just aren’t smart enough :D. Android users can find the app in the Google Play Store and iOS users can find it in the Apple App Store. Just search for magicJack and you will find FREE Calls by magicJack app.

Install the app, register, get a number and start calling and most of all start saving money. I AM! 🙂

Android users get FREE Calls by magicJack here.

How to install Server 2012 in VirtualBox

Another project on my to-do list is learning Windows Server 2012 to become practically knowledgeable of this latest server operating system from Microsoft as well as to make myself more marketable in this highly demanding IT field.

The approach that I take with a lot of tools that I learn is to create a testing environment at home and implement what I have learned from online tutorials or instructor led video training courses. My testing environments usually have anywhere from 2 – 6 computers acting as servers, firewall and clients machines. If you are wondering if I have a computer room at home or my bedroom or living room must be huge, I assure you this is not the case lol. I accomplish this seemingly tedious feat by the use of Virtualization which allows you to have one physically machine and with the use of virtualization software, run other operating systems on that machine is if they were actual physical machines. VirtualBox is the virtualization software I use for my testing. Its enterprise grade, free and open source software (FOSS). Read the rest of this entry

I Have An Awesome Camera — How Come My Photos Still Suck?

I got some valuable insight into getting those really really great photos. I won’t be a green square 🙂

Going Around Places

With the prices on DSLRs and mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILCs) having fallen to something just above the cost of a box of cereal (I do admit to eating mostly premium cereals), more of us than ever are now toting serious photographic hardware around on our vacations, when we go hiking, or to our kids’ soccer games. Nonetheless, despite our massive technological superiority, most of us still take a staggering proportion of truly bad photos, with precious few keepers. A quick look at your friends’ unviewable travel albums on Facebook is no doubt sufficient evidence of  this trend.

The problem, of course, for the most part isn’t in your camera. It’s in how you’re using it. Want to suck less at photography? Here’s a couple of really basic steps that should yield quick results.

(1) Stop shooting in auto.

Your humble digital camera has a marvelous technological brain in it…

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My First Photography Lesson

Greetings cyberspace!

As was mentioned in a previous post. I have now be afforded the opportunity to take up photography as a hobby, something I have longed to do. As with everything I do, I want to do things the proper way in order to get good results. Being a hobbyist photographer will be no different.

I started out consulting my very very good friend Google, asking him for resources for beginner photographers. He was very willing and provided me with tons of info. I got to reading. Being the visual and practical learner I am, I gladly jumped at the opportunity when a friend offered to spare some time and give me some tips to get me started. Read the rest of this entry

New Toy: Fujifilm FinePix S9100

As far back as a teen in high school I have been fascinated with Photography. Every camp I went on as a Cadet, every special event, I was there with my camera snapping away. Each time I got back the results from a roll of film (those of us old enough will remember what that is), more than 80% of the pictures would be of other people. Rarely did I find someone who could take pictures of me that were as good as the pictures I took of others.

In recent years I have marveled at how sophisticated cameras have become both in technological advancements and price. It’s due to these prices why I have not been able to take up photography has a hobby.

I was presented with an opportunity, acquiring a bridge camera (digital camera with SLR features), and thought I’d be crazy to let this opportunity pass me by. It would be better to learn the basic with an affordable pistol before moving on up to the more sophisticated canons. Lol see what I did there?

Fujifilm FinePix S9100

Fujifilm FinePix S9100

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Start My Engine!


My sister who has been blogging for sometime at Caught Between a Cream and a Curl, has been encouraging me to start my own blog. I didn’t see it as something to get into at the time because I am not literarily inclined like her who writes stories and poems. I’m a very practical and hangs-on person and my personality emits that.

About 3 months ago I was trained to update content on a WordPress powered website for work. In a discussion with the facilitator, he expressed that WordPress was one of the easier Content Management Systems (CMS) to learn and develop themes for. So I decided that as a summer project I’d learn the intricacies of WordPress with the outcome of at least learning the skills required to edit WordPress themes.

I’ll be using the blog to document what I have learned on the WordPress project as well as other projects I’ll be taking on in the future along with current interests and new interests that I might develop over time.

So lets get started!

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