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Catching Up: Photography Development

Working a full-time job and pursuing a degree part-time doesn’t leave much room for spare time to do other activities. Spending the hours from 9am – 5pm at work six (6) days a week and then school 5pm – 9pm five (5) days a week is really taxing, but as the old Jamaican saying goes “Ef yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run”. (Translation: If you want good, your nose has to run. Meaning: To be successful you must work hard.)

Despite the scarcity of time, I do try to squeeze in some time for an activity that I really love; Photography. When I find the time I read through Facebook groups dedicated to photography, read content on websites dedicated to teaching various aspects photography, watch YouTube and other instructional videos. From time to time I seek to put the information I have consumed into practise, by going out and shooting, engaging in trial and error, seeking to create images that are visually pleasing. Read the rest of this entry


Catching Up – EduCom Credit Union and My Education

When I started my second year of studies at Excelsior Community College in the Management Information Systems programme, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fund the remaining 2 years out-of-pocket. I started checking around for possible options that I could employ to aid in ensuring that I stayed on track to completing my degree.

Most of the scholarships I found were not general offerings, but scholarships directed to students of specific institutions. My institution was not on those lists. After some time spent researching I realized that my only option would have been to get an education loan. Based on advice from others I learned that credit unions offered better rates on loans, compared to other financial institutions. As I was working in the education sector at the time, I looked into AAMM Co-operative Credit Union (now merged with UWI Co-operative Credit Union to form EduCom Co-operative Credit Union), who offers services to faculty and staff of educational institutions. Read the rest of this entry

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