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Get 2GB of Storage on Google Drive


Google in a bid to mark Safer Internet Security Day 2016 (February 9, 2016), is offering its Google users free 2GB Google Drive storage for doing the Security Checkup.

The Security Checkup involves confirming and/or updating your recovery email account, phone number and security question. The recovery email account is the email that Google will send recovery information in the event you forgot your password. Read the rest of this entry


Windows 10 Roll-out Started

Some of you may not know as yet but Windows 10 roll-out started this week. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 you would have seen a Windows icon in your task bar inviting you to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10. If you did, then you’ll soon be upgraded.

Some time after 1:00am while doing some school work on July 29th, I spotted a post from a colleague stating that Microsoft had commenced pushing out Windows 10 to computers of users who had made reservations. Since I had reserved my copy I went to check to see if I had the installation on my machine as well. Indeed it had started downloading. Read the rest of this entry

Reset your self-hosted WordPress site admin password

Earlier this year I had installed WordPress on my laptop to do some testing. I ended up abandoning the project due to work load at school. I recently tried to access the WordPress install again only to realize that I couldn’t remember the password. I could not use the built in password recovery because it was not a live site and I had set a fake email address for the admin account. After all it was a test setup.

I did some digging around a found an easy way to get the password reset to something else. Read the rest of this entry

BBM Released Today…. (Phased)

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was officially released today after having to abort the slated release in September. The release how ever is being done on a phased basis. On installing the BBM app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, you are presented with a prompt to enter your email to check if you are able to use the service. If not then then you are added to a wait list where you will gain access at a later date.

I have been included in the early set of users to be granted access to use the new release. The BlackBerry ID created using the leaked version was preserved, and upon login the contacts that I had added were also restored.

Lets see how quickly the phased roll out will take to grant access to the many persons anxiously awaiting their turn to use the app.

BBM for Android: Play Store Download

BBM for iOS: Apple Store Download

WARNING! Mobile Scam Targets Jamaican Customers

Early this morning I received an unusual SMS message from an overseas number:

We have an important message for you to know it call this number 0022455101651 free

Two things stood out at me that made me suspicious and thinking it was another scam brewing.

  1. It was an overseas number with a message not explicitly directed to me
  2. The poor grammar of the message and its vagueness

Later this evening I received a forwarded email that was initial sent to staff of a large local company, which sought to advise staff members of the new scam and how it is being carried out.

It was further stated that if the number is called you would be routed to an Automated Messaging Service advising you that you are the lucky winner of 1,000 Euros, and that you were selected from thousands of numbers in the database. The information you provide will be confidential and allow you to claim your cheque. The voice on the automated message also states, “This is no trick. It is merely a way to ensure you claim your prize.”

The caller is then prompted for personal information to include name, address and bank account details, to verify authenticity as well as to ensure the proper processing of prize winning cheque valued at 1,000 Euros.

Mobile scamming has been on the rise in recent times and has grown because unsuspecting persons have been falling prey. Please don’t be the next victim. Spread the word so your friends and family don’t become the next victims.

BBM for Android now WORKS!

Techies all around like myself have been waiting for the release of the Android and iOS versions of the “popular” BBM app. There have been many rumored release dates over the past couple of months but it was officially stated that the official release will be this weekend. Leaked versions of the app showed up online this week but for me the only thing I could do was create my BBM account. I assume the servers were not yet placed online for full functionality.

As of yesterday, friends reported that they were able to log in and use the BBM app. Those making reports were on Samsung SIII devices. I decided to try again this morning to see if I would get on using my Samsung Captivate running SlimBean 4.3, which it now is.

I have added a couple contacts and now testing.

The BMM app isn’t official available in the Google Play Store as yet, and that maybe due to the large number of fake BBM apps that have popped up. I would expect Google to remove those first before the official one is made available to protect its users.

I’ll continue to test and see if it will hold up to the high level of confidence that BlackBerry has in it to make it freely available to other platforms.

For those who want it before its available in the Play Store download here: BBM for Android

UPDATE: BBM for android has been disabled as of the 22/09/13. Obviously they did not plan the roll out properly and encountered problems when the over 1.1 million android users of leaked version jumped on the servers. #MegaFail

Data backup, availability and collaboration

Yullii Blue of Caught Between a Cream and Curl asked me to create a post to complement her blog post here, where she seeks to provide tips to new college and university entrants.

The information in this post will not only apply to students but to anyone who uses a computer.

Lets give some simple definitions:

  1. Data Backup – having at least one additional copy of your files in the event the original files are lost or corrupted. Backing up can be as simple as storing a copy files a secondary drive in your computer, on media such as CDs, DVDs etc preferably stored in a location away from you source files, or soft copies on the internet.
  2. Data Availability – refers to how quickly and easily data on external storage media can be accessed whether for regular use or in the case of disaster.
  3. Collaboration – the process whereby individuals work together to achieve a common goal.

No matter how careful you think you are when using your PC, laptop, tablet or devices storing the files you have worked on, it should be a regular practice to always make a back up of your work. Disasters can strike at any time, causing you much pain and heartache when critical files are lost.

In this technological age no lecturer is going to take “my dog ate my coursework” as an excuse. With that said you need to utilize the tools available to ensure you always have the work available and ready to be presented to your lecturer to haul in those A’s. The tools discussed here will be outside the norm of storing files on a USB flash drive.

Email Yourself

The simplest form of backup you can utilize is to just email your work to yourself. Yes, you can send an email to yourself! Most email providers offer sufficient total storage space to its users with a maximum file attachment size of 25mb per email.

Compose an email with your own email address in the ‘To:’ field and then attach your files. You have 2 options when attaching files:

  1. Attach individual filesCompress
  2. Create a folder on you computer, place the related files in the folder. Right-click the folder, go to Send To and select Compressed (zipped) folder. A file with an icon of a folder with a zip will now appear. Attach that file to the email.

This method accomplishes backing up your data and making it available anywhere you go providing you have internet access.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is simply an online allocation of space on servers located on the internet where you can perform remote backup of files. Cloud storage is offered by data storage providers who store the data on distributed servers. The service offers the user the ability to automatically backup your files to these internet servers once they are created or edited. Additionally it offers data synchronization between multiple computer or internet capable devices. What this means is when a file is created on one computer it automatically uploads to the internet store and then copies the file to any other computer you have configured to use the service with.

For a personal account of how vital a tool cloud storage is read my post: How Cloud Storage Saved My Life.

There are many cloud storage services available. The one I have been using for sometime now is Dropbox. You can visit the site and create your account here.

Once you’re done creating your account you will be guided to install the Dropbox application on your computer which will make backing up of files to Dropbox automatic. Just follow the installation instructions.

Once installed you will notice two things:

1. The Dropbox Tray Icon in the task bar which gives you quick means of accessing the Dropbox folder on your computer as well as reaching the Dropbox website.

2. The Dropbox Folder now present when you open Windows Explorer.

Dropbox Tray Icon

Dropbox Tray Icon

Dropbox Folder

Dropbox Folder


Working in groups or in team is compulsory when in college, university or the actual working world.  There are tasks that due to either the magnitude of work or the time restraint, will require you to work with others to accomplish the goals.

Working in groups can be very hard due to members not living in the same geographical area or the leisure time of the member not being aligned. These make physical meetings to discuss or work on projects difficult.

If you already have a Gmail account then you are on your way to remedying the problems stated above. If you don’t have an account then create one here.

Google offers Google Drive as an additional service to its Gmail users. Drive allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc, similar to Microsoft Office. To access Drive simply click on Drive in the Gmail header menu as highlighted below.

Gmail Header Menu

Gmail Header Menu

Once opened you can click on the create button and choose the type of file you want. Give the file a name, then click on the share button to the top-right corner, enter the email addresses of the persons who you will be working with.

When each person has accepted the invitation all persons can type in the same document at the same time. Each person working on the document will be given a different colour cursor. While each person types, their name will follow their cursor as seen in the screenshot below. You will also notice, while working on the document you can also chat with the other members.

Collaborating on a Document

Collaborating on a Document – (Click to Enlarge)

Where groups are up to 3 members you can all join in on a Skype conference call or just put those idle free nights to good use and make a conference call while working.

I hope this has been very helpful to you and will allow you to be more productive. If you found it helpful, please feel free to share. Peace Out!

How Cloud Storage Saved My Life

For those who don’t already know, cloud storage as defined by TechTarget, is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). In simple terms you get a storage location on the internet where you can store a backup of your files and have access to them anywhere providing you have internet access.dropbox

I have been using Dropbox, one of the more popular cloud storage services for a few years now. In 2011 when I started Excelsior Community College I created another Dropbox account with the sole purpose of storing all my school work (Soft copy of handouts, assignments, coursework etc.). I wanted to ensure that especially as it relates to coursework, I could pull up anyone at any given time just in case a lecturer said that they can’t find what I submitted. Read the rest of this entry

“Smart” Empowerment


With Smart Devices becoming ever more prevalent and more powerful, this has given their users a myriad of opportunities. Tasks that were once impossible or expensive to accomplish from a mobile device have become as easy as a hot knife through butter.

One such task is making calls to friends and family in the USA and Canada. Here in Jamaica we have two (2) mobile providers. Digicel Jamaica offers international calling with regular rates to the US and Canada of $18.25 per minute. Lime Jamaica on the other hand has sought to make the market a bit more competitive by offering international call rates to the US and Canada and a low rate of $2.99 per minute. That’s awesome isn’t it? What would your reaction be if I told you that you could get international calling to the US and Canada at an extremely lower price than those listed above? Well I wonder what facial expression would surface when I tell you that you can do it for free.

With your data or WiFi enabled smart device you can make free international calls to the USA and Canada from anywhere in world. How you may ask? Its simple. All you need to do is install an application.

Most of you have heard about magicJack a device that allows you to call the US and Canada at a low yearly flat rate. However this device has to be in a fixed area while in use. The makers of the magicJack have made available the magicJack app for Android and iOS smart devices. Sorry BlackBerry users your devices just aren’t smart enough :D. Android users can find the app in the Google Play Store and iOS users can find it in the Apple App Store. Just search for magicJack and you will find FREE Calls by magicJack app.

Install the app, register, get a number and start calling and most of all start saving money. I AM! 🙂

Android users get FREE Calls by magicJack here.

How to install Server 2012 in VirtualBox

Another project on my to-do list is learning Windows Server 2012 to become practically knowledgeable of this latest server operating system from Microsoft as well as to make myself more marketable in this highly demanding IT field.

The approach that I take with a lot of tools that I learn is to create a testing environment at home and implement what I have learned from online tutorials or instructor led video training courses. My testing environments usually have anywhere from 2 – 6 computers acting as servers, firewall and clients machines. If you are wondering if I have a computer room at home or my bedroom or living room must be huge, I assure you this is not the case lol. I accomplish this seemingly tedious feat by the use of Virtualization which allows you to have one physically machine and with the use of virtualization software, run other operating systems on that machine is if they were actual physical machines. VirtualBox is the virtualization software I use for my testing. Its enterprise grade, free and open source software (FOSS). Read the rest of this entry

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