Get 2GB of Storage on Google Drive


Google in a bid to mark Safer Internet Security Day 2016 (February 9, 2016), is offering its Google users free 2GB Google Drive storage for doing the Security Checkup.

The Security Checkup involves confirming and/or updating your recovery email account, phone number and security question. The recovery email account is the email that Google will send recovery information in the event you forgot your password. Read the rest of this entry


Super Blood Moon (2015)

Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Compilation of Phases

September 27th marked the occurrence of an event that was last seen in 1982, The Super Blood Moon. Seeing that this event last happen the year I was born and its next occurrence is slated for 2033, I had to try my best to ensure I captured this event. The evening was plagued with blankets of clouds (more like a blanket and sheet set :D), which reduced visibility and blocked the moon totally. I did manage to capture a few good images of the moon as it slowly phased into the full eclipse, and being color with a red hue from the red rim light of the sun behind the earth. The last image I got was just a few minutes before it fully eclipsed. If you don’t understand why the moon became red then here is an animated explanation from NASA: Read the rest of this entry

Windows 10 Roll-out Started

Some of you may not know as yet but Windows 10 roll-out started this week. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 you would have seen a Windows icon in your task bar inviting you to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10. If you did, then you’ll soon be upgraded.

Some time after 1:00am while doing some school work on July 29th, I spotted a post from a colleague stating that Microsoft had commenced pushing out Windows 10 to computers of users who had made reservations. Since I had reserved my copy I went to check to see if I had the installation on my machine as well. Indeed it had started downloading. Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up: Photography Development

Working a full-time job and pursuing a degree part-time doesn’t leave much room for spare time to do other activities. Spending the hours from 9am – 5pm at work six (6) days a week and then school 5pm – 9pm five (5) days a week is really taxing, but as the old Jamaican saying goes “Ef yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run”. (Translation: If you want good, your nose has to run. Meaning: To be successful you must work hard.)

Despite the scarcity of time, I do try to squeeze in some time for an activity that I really love; Photography. When I find the time I read through Facebook groups dedicated to photography, read content on websites dedicated to teaching various aspects photography, watch YouTube and other instructional videos. From time to time I seek to put the information I have consumed into practise, by going out and shooting, engaging in trial and error, seeking to create images that are visually pleasing. Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up – EduCom Credit Union and My Education

When I started my second year of studies at Excelsior Community College in the Management Information Systems programme, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fund the remaining 2 years out-of-pocket. I started checking around for possible options that I could employ to aid in ensuring that I stayed on track to completing my degree.

Most of the scholarships I found were not general offerings, but scholarships directed to students of specific institutions. My institution was not on those lists. After some time spent researching I realized that my only option would have been to get an education loan. Based on advice from others I learned that credit unions offered better rates on loans, compared to other financial institutions. As I was working in the education sector at the time, I looked into AAMM Co-operative Credit Union (now merged with UWI Co-operative Credit Union to form EduCom Co-operative Credit Union), who offers services to faculty and staff of educational institutions. Read the rest of this entry

Catching UP – The Upcoming Series

Hi There!

It’s been quite a while since I have made a blog post. Really having a difficulty spreading my time across work, school (it being my final year), photography and others. A lot has occurred over the past 8 months and I will seek to give an update on these over a series of posts.

Stay tuned!

Part 1 – Catching Up – EduCom Credit Union and My Education
Part 2 – Catching Up – Photography Development

Reset your self-hosted WordPress site admin password

Earlier this year I had installed WordPress on my laptop to do some testing. I ended up abandoning the project due to work load at school. I recently tried to access the WordPress install again only to realize that I couldn’t remember the password. I could not use the built in password recovery because it was not a live site and I had set a fake email address for the admin account. After all it was a test setup.

I did some digging around a found an easy way to get the password reset to something else. Read the rest of this entry

The Golden Legend – Bob Marley

The Power of Wind

Close up view of turbine propellor

Only a few days ago, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) announced that customers will see a 4.35% increase in their electricity bills this month. The high cost of oil used to generate electricity is cited as the need for the increase. Though 4.35% increase might sound a lot, the JPS says that the actual charge should have been 10%. The intention to only apply the 4.35% increase has been communicated to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) with the remaining 5.65% scheduled to be recovered when oil prices start to trend downward. [Source: IrieFM] Read the rest of this entry

Back from the shadows

I’m backkk!

The continued handicap match between personal time and the tag team of work by day and school by night, has made me MIA for the past couple of months. It has indeed been a difficult challenge trying to balance my professional, academic and personal lives but the ratio among the three (3) just isn’t evenly distributed. Read the rest of this entry

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