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How Cloud Storage Saved My Life

For those who don’t already know, cloud storage as defined by TechTarget, is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). In simple terms you get a storage location on the internet where you can store a backup of your files and have access to them anywhere providing you have internet access.dropbox

I have been using Dropbox, one of the more popular cloud storage services for a few years now. In 2011 when I started Excelsior Community College I created another Dropbox account with the sole purpose of storing all my school work (Soft copy of handouts, assignments, coursework etc.). I wanted to ensure that especially as it relates to coursework, I could pull up anyone at any given time just in case a lecturer said that they can’t find what I submitted. Read the rest of this entry


The Show of Love

The loss of a loved one can be a very emotional and stressful situation. All kinds of memories float to the surface especially of really awesome times spent with that person, all the smiles that they drew on your face and the laughter that they pulled from the depths of your belly bottom :).

A few weeks ago an in-law went home to be with her heavenly father. I asked one of my cousins before he came to the island how he was holding up? He replied:

I’m good! My grandmother lived a long and good life.

Not everyone who has passed from this life can say that they had lived a “long and good life”. Ms. Sama however, undoubtedly did live a long and good life caring for her family and all whom she came in contact with, backed by the love she had for her church and God.

I had started photography as a hobby I wanted to capture moments of the Thanksgiving Service for my cousins as my contribution to the memories they will have of the day. These are just three (3) of the images I took that to me expressed the unspoken love that family members had for their loved one. I did some post-processing on them in Adobe Lightroom applying techniques I saw in a Youtube tutorial done by Serge Ramelli adding a touch of drama to the shot and placing more emphasis on the subjects in the photo.

Click on images for larger view.

Portraiture and Landscapes

Over the past week or so I have been to Dunn’s River Falls, St. Ann and Little Ochie, St. Elizabeth with family for a little relaxation and enjoyment. I used the opportunity to practice some landscape and portraiture shots. I threw in a little post processing to enhance some images to give them an extra spin. Hope you like them.



Jamaican Creative Art

Multiple Art Work

Multiple Art Work

On the last weekend of July I ventured with family and friends to the garden parish of St. Ann. My family had come to Jamaica on a not so joyous occasion but we made sure that before they left they actually got to enjoy a portion of their trip. So all roads led to Dunn’s River Falls.

Along the journey we stopped in the Fern Gully to look at and purchase a few memorabilia for the visitors especially the really excited Sara.

Sara was really excited mainly by the unusual art works done by carvers that were on display at the craft shops in the Fern Gully. You will see and the ladies will clearly understand why she was so excited when you view the photos below.

Jamaica has a lot of extremely talented people. Anything they can visualize they will bring to physical form.

On arrival at Dunn’s River Falls we were greeted with more creative art work showcasing just how awesome our people are. Enjoy the rest of the photos and be sure to add the Fern Gully and Dunn’s River Falls to your list of vacation destinations if you haven’t visit them as yet.