Get 2GB of Storage on Google Drive


Google in a bid to mark Safer Internet Security Day 2016 (February 9, 2016), is offering its Google users free 2GB Google Drive storage for doing the Security Checkup.

The Security Checkup involves confirming and/or updating your recovery email account, phone number and security question. The recovery email account is the email that Google will send recovery information in the event you forgot your password.

Next you’ll be asked to confirm recent security events. Google keeps a log of all the devices that have accessed your email account. Review the devices listed, and if a strange device is in the list, choose the appropriate button and you will be prompted to change your password. This will prevent that unknown device from having access to you account from then on. (NB: You will need to enter the new password on your devices when prompted)

The next step is to review apps and website that have been connected to your Google account, like Dropbox, Pinterest, WordPress etc.

Having completed all the steps you will be notified of the 2GB increase to your Google Drive storage. This may not reflect immediately as I did not see the additional 2GB until hours after. Now go forth and do you check up 😀


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