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Start My Engine!


My sister who has been blogging for sometime at Caught Between a Cream and a Curl, has been encouraging me to start my own blog. I didn’t see it as something to get into at the time because I am not literarily inclined like her who writes stories and poems. I’m a very practical and hangs-on person and my personality emits that.

About 3 months ago I was trained to update content on a WordPress powered website for work. In a discussion with the facilitator, he expressed that WordPress was one of the easier Content Management Systems (CMS) to learn and develop themes for. So I decided that as a summer project I’d learn the intricacies of WordPress with the outcome of at least learning the skills required to edit WordPress themes.

I’ll be using the blog to document what I have learned on the WordPress project as well as other projects I’ll be taking on in the future along with current interests and new interests that I might develop over time.

So lets get started!