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Catching Up: Photography Development

Working a full-time job and pursuing a degree part-time doesn’t leave much room for spare time to do other activities. Spending the hours from 9am – 5pm at work six (6) days a week and then school 5pm – 9pm five (5) days a week is really taxing, but as the old Jamaican saying goes “Ef yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run”. (Translation: If you want good, your nose has to run. Meaning: To be successful you must work hard.)

Despite the scarcity of time, I do try to squeeze in some time for an activity that I really love; Photography. When I find the time I read through Facebook groups dedicated to photography, read content on websites dedicated to teaching various aspects photography, watch YouTube and other instructional videos. From time to time I seek to put the information I have consumed into practise, by going out and shooting, engaging in trial and error, seeking to create images that are visually pleasing. Read the rest of this entry


The Golden Legend – Bob Marley

The Power of Wind

Close up view of turbine propellor

Only a few days ago, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) announced that customers will see a 4.35% increase in their electricity bills this month. The high cost of oil used to generate electricity is cited as the need for the increase. Though 4.35% increase might sound a lot, the JPS says that the actual charge should have been 10%. The intention to only apply the 4.35% increase has been communicated to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) with the remaining 5.65% scheduled to be recovered when oil prices start to trend downward. [Source: IrieFM] Read the rest of this entry

Back from the shadows

I’m backkk!

The continued handicap match between personal time and the tag team of work by day and school by night, has made me MIA for the past couple of months. It has indeed been a difficult challenge trying to balance my professional, academic and personal lives but the ratio among the three (3) just isn’t evenly distributed. Read the rest of this entry

WARNING! Mobile Scam Targets Jamaican Customers

Early this morning I received an unusual SMS message from an overseas number:

We have an important message for you to know it call this number 0022455101651 free

Two things stood out at me that made me suspicious and thinking it was another scam brewing.

  1. It was an overseas number with a message not explicitly directed to me
  2. The poor grammar of the message and its vagueness

Later this evening I received a forwarded email that was initial sent to staff of a large local company, which sought to advise staff members of the new scam and how it is being carried out.

It was further stated that if the number is called you would be routed to an Automated Messaging Service advising you that you are the lucky winner of 1,000 Euros, and that you were selected from thousands of numbers in the database. The information you provide will be confidential and allow you to claim your cheque. The voice on the automated message also states, “This is no trick. It is merely a way to ensure you claim your prize.”

The caller is then prompted for personal information to include name, address and bank account details, to verify authenticity as well as to ensure the proper processing of prize winning cheque valued at 1,000 Euros.

Mobile scamming has been on the rise in recent times and has grown because unsuspecting persons have been falling prey. Please don’t be the next victim. Spread the word so your friends and family don’t become the next victims.

Flotilla to the Goat Islands

BBM for Android now WORKS!

Techies all around like myself have been waiting for the release of the Android and iOS versions of the “popular” BBM app. There have been many rumored release dates over the past couple of months but it was officially stated that the official release will be this weekend. Leaked versions of the app showed up online this week but for me the only thing I could do was create my BBM account. I assume the servers were not yet placed online for full functionality.

As of yesterday, friends reported that they were able to log in and use the BBM app. Those making reports were on Samsung SIII devices. I decided to try again this morning to see if I would get on using my Samsung Captivate running SlimBean 4.3, which it now is.

I have added a couple contacts and now testing.

The BMM app isn’t official available in the Google Play Store as yet, and that maybe due to the large number of fake BBM apps that have popped up. I would expect Google to remove those first before the official one is made available to protect its users.

I’ll continue to test and see if it will hold up to the high level of confidence that BlackBerry has in it to make it freely available to other platforms.

For those who want it before its available in the Play Store download here: BBM for Android

UPDATE: BBM for android has been disabled as of the 22/09/13. Obviously they did not plan the roll out properly and encountered problems when the over 1.1 million android users of leaked version jumped on the servers. #MegaFail

An Unexpected Kindness

I witnessed an unexpected act of kindness and compassion which in its simplicity, brought on a smile not only facially but in the heart.

On my commute from work to school, there I stood, as the bus travelled along picking up passengers. On came a gentleman with his child in hand sleeping on his shoulders, holding a bag in the other hand. He fought valiantly as he tried to maintain balance in the moving vehicle.

Immediately a fairly young rastafarian man beckoned to the father, offering up his seat.

Now you see why I said unexpected.

Chivalry is an almost extinct trait among the younger generation, compounded with a society that is extremely homophobic. To see a man giving up his seat to another man under any circumstance is rather surprising. This however highlighted the fact that all is not lost for the males of Jamaica.

Portraiture and Landscapes

Over the past week or so I have been to Dunn’s River Falls, St. Ann and Little Ochie, St. Elizabeth with family for a little relaxation and enjoyment. I used the opportunity to practice some landscape and portraiture shots. I threw in a little post processing to enhance some images to give them an extra spin. Hope you like them.



Jamaican Creative Art

Multiple Art Work

Multiple Art Work

On the last weekend of July I ventured with family and friends to the garden parish of St. Ann. My family had come to Jamaica on a not so joyous occasion but we made sure that before they left they actually got to enjoy a portion of their trip. So all roads led to Dunn’s River Falls.

Along the journey we stopped in the Fern Gully to look at and purchase a few memorabilia for the visitors especially the really excited Sara.

Sara was really excited mainly by the unusual art works done by carvers that were on display at the craft shops in the Fern Gully. You will see and the ladies will clearly understand why she was so excited when you view the photos below.

Jamaica has a lot of extremely talented people. Anything they can visualize they will bring to physical form.

On arrival at Dunn’s River Falls we were greeted with more creative art work showcasing just how awesome our people are. Enjoy the rest of the photos and be sure to add the Fern Gully and Dunn’s River Falls to your list of vacation destinations if you haven’t visit them as yet.

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