Flotilla to the Goat Islands

There has been much talk of the proposed building of a logistics hub on the Goat Islands located in the Portland Bight Protected area. A Flotilla was organized by the Jamaica Environment Trust, one body who is strongly against this development taking place in the areas due to the negative impact it will have on the ecosystem in the area. The flotilla was geared towards awareness of the area and its importance to the fish population along the south coast of the island as well as its vital contribution to the fishing community, especially to the Old Harbour Fishing Village.

I captured the images below as we boated around the perimeter of the Little and Great Goat Islands. We were not able to land on the islands as we needed permission from the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).


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  1. Thanks, a really excellent gallery of photographs. Superb. I notice you give no comment yourself on the development, having seen the area under discussion. Did it convince you that the area should NOT be used for a logistics hub port development?

    • I learnt a lot that and among them how vital the area is to the sustenance of the sea life and human life along the southern coastline. I believe the development should take place but most definitely not in this area.

  2. Sorry. I cannot type. I meant ‘THESE photographs.’ πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. Thanks, Dwayne! I am not sure if we met during this trip but this photographs are superb. I love the b/w portraits, too. I will share widely. Thank you for adding the links to my blog.

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