BBM for Android now WORKS!

Techies all around like myself have been waiting for the release of the Android and iOS versions of the “popular” BBM app. There have been many rumored release dates over the past couple of months but it was officially stated that the official release will be this weekend. Leaked versions of the app showed up online this week but for me the only thing I could do was create my BBM account. I assume the servers were not yet placed online for full functionality.

As of yesterday, friends reported that they were able to log in and use the BBM app. Those making reports were on Samsung SIII devices. I decided to try again this morning to see if I would get on using my Samsung Captivate running SlimBean 4.3, which it now is.

I have added a couple contacts and now testing.

The BMM app isn’t official available in the Google Play Store as yet, and that maybe due to the large number of fake BBM apps that have popped up. I would expect Google to remove those first before the official one is made available to protect its users.

I’ll continue to test and see if it will hold up to the high level of confidence that BlackBerry has in it to make it freely available to other platforms.

For those who want it before its available in the Play Store download here: BBM for Android

UPDATE: BBM for android has been disabled as of the 22/09/13. Obviously they did not plan the roll out properly and encountered problems when the over 1.1 million android users of leaked version jumped on the servers. #MegaFail


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