An Unexpected Kindness

I witnessed an unexpected act of kindness and compassion which in its simplicity, brought on a smile not only facially but in the heart.

On my commute from work to school, there I stood, as the bus travelled along picking up passengers. On came a gentleman with his child in hand sleeping on his shoulders, holding a bag in the other hand. He fought valiantly as he tried to maintain balance in the moving vehicle.

Immediately a fairly young rastafarian man beckoned to the father, offering up his seat.

Now you see why I said unexpected.

Chivalry is an almost extinct trait among the younger generation, compounded with a society that is extremely homophobic. To see a man giving up his seat to another man under any circumstance is rather surprising. This however highlighted the fact that all is not lost for the males of Jamaica.


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  1. Dwayne, when I’m on the road I try to look out for moments like these to remind myself why people love wi so 🙂 We don’t seem to love each other with all the news of killings etc but the love is truly there man. I was amazed to see a man take a seat beside another man on a JUTC… I thought he’d prefer to stand like others had opted to do. There is indeed hope for us.

    • Yes that is very rare. A lot of men seem to be so homophobic that they take it to ignorant levels. It was only recently that I was in the front of a taxi and a man was adamant that he didn’t want a man who was entering to sit beside him. Saying that only woman must rub up on him.

      • H, Dwayne. I can imagine that scene- that’s what happens a lot in the coasters as well. No man to the front, no man in the “goodas” seat (that little cross-seat between the driver and the front passenger, where you have to sit with your back to the road and everybody staring into yuh mawning 🙂 yes sah- as so wi stay sometime. It sad enuh. I can’t imagine being with someone who can’t hug his son. I don’t think it’s only about homophobia, but a level of emotional immaturity as well. Ignorance? Definitely.
        Aside: Lend me a minute of your time- Tell me what you think?

      • Yes mi dear. I see it very much especially on buses in hwt area (Papine to HWT, Papine to Downtown, HWT to Spanish town) A man can’t dare enter the buss and turn left 🙂 smh

  2. Just when we wonder about the future of the human race (and I do, a lot!) things like this happen to reassure us that, as you say, all is not lost.

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