Tek bad sinting mek laugh

There is an old Jamaican saying: “Tek bad sinting mek  laugh”. In the book “More Jamaica Old-Time Sayings” by Edna Bennet, translates to an advice to keep good humor in the face of adversity. In finding something to smile or laugh about while going through a bad situation it helps to reduce the amount of stress brought on by that situation.

Two (2) weeks ago a flooding incident occurred in a community in Kingston, Jamaica due to the construction work being carried out on a bridge. A CVM Television Camera man was on the scene and interviewed one of the victims of the incident, Rosie, who gave a very animated and dramatic account of what took place and the damages that resulted from the flooding. See immediate video below.


Following the airing of the interview on the news a popular video mixer, DJ Powa, decided to apply the old Jamaican saying and created two (2) video mixes. What resulted was a very entertaining spin on a really serious situation which has helped to further bring attention to what took place in the community as well as brought attention to Rosie who has since been approached by the comedians Ity and Fancy Cat who have a weekly show on Television Jamaica, to do an add for their show. Check out the videos below and enjoy. The next time you are in a bad situation try look beyond the negative aspect of it and “Tek bad sinting mek laugh”.

Call di Contracta – DJ Powa

Wi Waan Know How (Contracta Part 2) – DJ Powa

Rosie’s Ity and Fancy Cat show Ad



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