“Smart” Empowerment


With Smart Devices becoming ever more prevalent and more powerful, this has given their users a myriad of opportunities. Tasks that were once impossible or expensive to accomplish from a mobile device have become as easy as a hot knife through butter.

One such task is making calls to friends and family in the USA and Canada. Here in Jamaica we have two (2) mobile providers. Digicel Jamaica offers international calling with regular rates to the US and Canada of $18.25 per minute. Lime Jamaica on the other hand has sought to make the market a bit more competitive by offering international call rates to the US and Canada and a low rate of $2.99 per minute. That’s awesome isn’t it? What would your reaction be if I told you that you could get international calling to the US and Canada at an extremely lower price than those listed above? Well I wonder what facial expression would surface when I tell you that you can do it for free.

With your data or WiFi enabled smart device you can make free international calls to the USA and Canada from anywhere in world. How you may ask? Its simple. All you need to do is install an application.

Most of you have heard about magicJack a device that allows you to call the US and Canada at a low yearly flat rate. However this device has to be in a fixed area while in use. The makers of the magicJack have made available the magicJack app for Android and iOS smart devices. Sorry BlackBerry users your devices just aren’t smart enough :D. Android users can find the app in the Google Play Store and iOS users can find it in the Apple App Store. Just search for magicJack and you will find FREE Calls by magicJack app.

Install the app, register, get a number and start calling and most of all start saving money. I AM! 🙂

Android users get FREE Calls by magicJack here.


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