My First Photography Lesson

Greetings cyberspace!

As was mentioned in a previous post. I have now be afforded the opportunity to take up photography as a hobby, something I have longed to do. As with everything I do, I want to do things the proper way in order to get good results. Being a hobbyist photographer will be no different.

I started out consulting my very very good friend Google, asking him for resources for beginner photographers. He was very willing and provided me with tons of info. I got to reading. Being the visual and practical learner I am, I gladly jumped at the opportunity when a friend offered to spare some time and give me some tips to get me started.

My very first lesson as we made our way to Hope Gardens was not to be a “green square”, which means don’t shoot in auto mode. Manual mode is the way to go and allows you to have greater control over the camera and the shots you take. With Auto mode, as stated in one video tutorial I watched, the camera thinks its smarter than you and makes all the decisions on what is the best exposure (the amount of light allowed to fall on the image sensor), aperture (size of lens opening when picture is taken) and shutter speed (how long the shutter stays open when capturing a shot). This is not always the case and as I have seen, having control over these things can also give interesting effect to photos taken.

I had a number of over exposed and under exposed shots due to varying lighting conditions but slowly I got a hang of estimating when I needed to make adjustments.

Below are some of the better shots of the day’s lesson. Enjoy!


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